What we are

We are the United Legal Support Service, a information agency in the field of law and the provision of legal services

What we do

We accept appeals and information from people of Ukraine, analyze, perform legal evaluation, inform Ukrainian society, and at the same time provide practical legal support.
We quickly connect citizens, who need legal assistance, with legal specialists, who are competent in providing legal assistance.

How we do

  • We have our own Contact Center - a hotline of legal support.
  • We accept phone calls and inform citizens about violations of rights.
  • We identify in which area of ​​law the question is posed.
  • We provide primary, oral legal assistance for free.
  • We select the appropriate specialist, who are professional in own specialization.
  • We provide urgent legal assistance.
  • We analyze received appeals with involving members of our Service.
  • We produce information materials in the form of messages, analytical reports, information reference, articles, etc.
  • We cooperate with public authorities of Ukraine in order to systematically address the causes of violations of citizens' rights
  • We interact with the media for the objectively coverage of information about the area of law.

Why us

We have created the unique mechanism, which allows us to respond quickly to appeals of citizens, analyze them, perform qualified legal evaluation, provide legal defense, inform society about violations of rights and solve problems in the area of law.

Our goal

We always provide citizens with the right to have legal information and legal assistance in a qualitative way, by informing them quickly and correctly as well as coordinating  actions.

Our corporate goal (VISION)

We are creating a powerful and qualitative informative and legal resource for citizens of Ukraine and establishing an institute of responsible legal mediation

Our values

  • Justice: Human rights are the highest value, we respect and protect them.
  • Social responsibility: timely and appropriate responding to the needs of society in legal protection.
  • Independence: political independence, transparent accountability and openness to society.
  • Systemicity: We strive for long-term and sustainable positive development.
  • Respect for partners: we trust everyone we work with.
  • Mutual respect in the team: we appreciate everyone and we work together to achieve our goals
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